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Fructus Terra was conceived on the ideals of propagating the benefits of Healthy, Traditional Foods and facilitating the same through our products. Our Indian culture is blessed with abundant resources of knowledge regarding our dietary requirements. Traditional knowledge about healthy foods has always been passed through generations but due to the Busy Lives of the individuals in this era, the same is not utilised optimally. We at Fructus Terra have set ourselves on a mission to produce Healthy Traditional foods, which have always been produced through ages without any use of harmful chemicals. We are dedicated towards production of variety of Organic Health Foods which can be consumed by every individual ranging from Infants to Adults. Our Food Products cater to the busy lifestyle of individuals and requires minimal preparation time, compared to the health benefits derived from our Food products. We are the Manufacturers of certified Organic Food products.

100% Organic

Organic food refers to food items that are produced or manufactured without the use of any harmful chemicals, fertilizers, pesticides, chemical preservatives, antibiotics or genetically modified organisms. In an attempt to increase the scale of production harmful chemicals and pesticides were used, which did increase the amount of food produced but drastically reduced the quality and nutrition in the food. Organic practices are better for environment protection as harmful chemicals used in production harm the birds, animals, trees and contaminate precious water sources. Traditionally before the advent of modern farming all foods were grown as per organic practices. The soil was nourished with natural compost, pollination was done by birds and bees, the plants gave healthy and nutritious bearings of grains and fruits. Organic farmers use Bio-diversity of the eco system by planting a variety of trees to attract helpful birds and insects to control the pests which are harmful for crops or trees. Organic practices are sustainable in long term and help in preserving the flora and fauna.

Why Certified Organic?

Organic food production and manufacturing activities in India are regulated as per the standards of Agriculture and Processed Food Products Export Development Authority (APEDA), Ministry of Commerce and Industry-Government of India. APEDA has appointed Regulatory bodies to oversee the implementation of the organic food production and manufacturing standards as prescribed by them. The certifying bodies perform routine inspection of manufacturing/productions units, they test the soil to check for use of any chemicals, they take samples from grains/fruits and test them in government accredited laboratories and certify them as per National Programme for Organic Production standards. Certification under NPOP is issued only when the manufacturer/producer strictly complies with organic standards during sourcing of raw materials, production/manufacturing, processing and transport of food items. The next time you purchase any organic product kindly check if the product is certified organic or not.

Key benefits Of Organic Food Products

No harmful Chemicals,Pesticides,Fertilizers which may cause Cancer and other health aliments. Food is produced or manufactured as per the international standards. Sustainable production practices leading to Environmental preservation and protection of water sources. Protection of Flora and Fauna. Organic foods have natural enhancement in taste, nutrition and are rich in anti-oxidants. Boosts your immune system.


Create Healthier Generations for a Healthy Nation.


Promotion, Production of Traditional and Organic Foods for all generations.