Banana is the ideal first weaning fruit which can be given to a baby older than 6 months. Banana is prebiotic and is soothing to the baby’s tummy. It is a complete one meal by itself. It is easily available during travels too and it is easy to feed a banana to the baby.

How shall we feed the Banana

Peel the banana when you are ready to feed the baby. Do not completely peel it, take as much as the baby eats. This limits the exposure of the banana to air, which may lead to oxidation of fruits and also loss of nutrition.

When at home, take a clean bowl and a spoon. Sterilize the bowl and the spoon. Mash the banana slowly with the backside of the spoon. Form into a smooth pap and feed it to the baby. Ideally use silver utensils for the baby, if available.

During travels, thoroughly wash your hands and sanitize your hands. Mash the banana between two fingers to form a smooth pap and feed it to the baby.

Ideally, give locally produced bananas to the baby.

Avoid giving processed fruit purees and Fruit powders to the baby. It is very easy to feed a fresh fruit to the baby and takes minimum effort by a parent. Always feed fresh and locally available fruits as well as seasonal fruits to the baby. Follow the 3-day rule while starting the baby with any new fruit. Kindly consult your doctor before starting any new food for the baby.

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