3-Day Golden Rule – Introducing Solids to Babies

While introducing a new food item to your baby. Feed the new food item for 3 consecutive days. Ideally, feed the new item early in the day so that you can look out for any allergic reactions. Check for any rashes and monitor the poop of the baby. If there are no side effects and your baby enjoys the food. Congratulations, you have introduced a new food item to your baby.

Normally when we start a new food item and the baby does not eat it the first time we tend to give up on that food item. The baby requires certain essential nutrients and vitamins for the growth of the body and brain. The baby’s body requires time to adapt to this new food item. Hence it is recommended to keep trying that food item for 3 days. Feed that new item approximately around the same time that you did the previous day.

For example, start with fruit purees. On day one start with banana puree. Take a clean bowl and a spoon. Slowly smash the banana with the back of the spoon and form a smooth puree. Keep feeding this puree approximately around the same time for the next consecutive 3 days. If your baby likes that food item and there are no side effects such as skin rash, diarrhea, etc. (Kindly check with your doctor for allergies related to your baby) your baby’s body has successfully adapted to the new food item. Similarly introduced any other fruit puree such as Apple on the 4th day at some other time during the day and continue feeding the adapted item which is banana in this case. Your baby will slowly graduate from fruit purees to cereals.

Slowly introduce the baby to new food items following this simple 3-day rule and by the time your baby becomes 9-10 months old, you would have introduced major food groups to your baby.


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