Nail polish and Nail paints are made from chemicals and are reported to have harmful effects on your body. It is specifically unsafe when an expectant mom uses them. These harmful chemicals may be easily transferred to the foetus.

The same is harmful when a mother is feeding her baby. In Indian tradition a mother feeds her baby by her hand, spoons are used but weaning foods such as dal-rice, mashed fruits and several other foods are still exclusively fed by hand.

The Nail Polish are known to contain harmful chemicals such as

Formaldehyde – which causes irritation of nose, eyes and throat when inhaled.

Toluene – which gives a shine to the nail polish, it causes irritation of throat, nose eyes and is also known to have an adverse effect on the nervous system of the foetus or the baby.

Dibutyl Phthalate – it also causes irritation of eyes, nose throat.

For parents who use such beauty products regularly. There is no reason to worry as nowadays there are several cosmetic options available which do not contain these harmful chemicals. Several Nail Polish made from natural ingredients are available in the market. Use natural nail polish and keep you child away from harmful chemicals. Choose nail polish which do not contain these 3 harmful chemicals. Check the constituents of the nail polish before purchasing.

Cut Your Nails

Regularly cut your nails and keep the nail cuticles clean. Long and sharp nails might cause abrasions in baby’s mouth while feeding them. Baby’s skin is delicate, hence care should to taken while handling the baby. Its best to cut the nails than to learn about innovative ways of handling the baby safely.

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