Shipping cost is based on the weight of the order placed and the method of delivery. Additional shipping charges may apply to large quantities and heavy items. Extra shipping charges will apply for orders placed from remote areas where the shipping is made available by us.

Return Policy

The return policy is applicable in following circumstances.
You receive a different product. Say you have ordered Organic Sprouted Ragi Sattva and you receive Organic Sprouted Wheat Mix. The product will be replaced without any additional cost being applied to you.

You receive a product which is damaged or the packaging of the product is damaged.If the packaging of the product is found to be damaged when the product has been delivered to you. Kindly send us an email on [email protected] describing the damage and attach an image of the damaged package or product immediately after delivery. We will replace the damaged product with no extra cost being applied to you or refund your money if the replacement is not available in some circumstances.

Conditions for returning the product

The product must be returned in the original condition in which it was received by you along with the original invoice. The product should not have been tampered with or opened. The product which are opened and used will not be replaced. The replacement of the product will be subject to availability of the product.

How do I cancel the order?

When you place an order, an email will be sent to you regarding the confirmation of the order. You can cancel the order within 30 minutes from placing of the order.
Further email will be sent to you when the order is ready to ship. If you cancel the order before the product has been shipped to you. We will refund the amount charged towards the order after deducting the shipping charges for the same.
No cancellation is available after the product has been shipped to you.

Refund & Exchange policy

You will receive the refund of monies in your account within 15 working days after the request for refund has been approved by us. No refund or exchange will be given on products which have been opened.
We do not take the responsibility for goods which have been signed/received by an alternative person other than the person who has ordered the product, received at the address indicated/provided at the time of ordering.

Intellectual Property

This site is maintained independently by Fructus Terra and its agents. You shall not use, change, modify, publish, transmit, sell, offer to sell, transfer, display any content or picture or any item which has been made available on the website. Violation of the above will attract initiation of legal proceedings against such acts, deeds.


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